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A-bike ,World's lightest and smallest bike
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The A-bike represents a new dimension in personal mobility and is revolutionizing the way people view urban commuting.
With the rapid pace of global modernization, roads becoming increasing congested, air pollution is a menace and high transports costs fuelled by rising oil prices. The specially designed eco-friendly A-bike is the perfect solution to hectic urban commuting.
No matter what transport service you use, bus, tube, train or car, A-bike will always offer the buzz to add excitement to your journey. A-bike from the bus stop to your office, pack it up and bring it along with you on the tube or even simply park your car, take you're a-bike out of the boot, unfold in a snap of your finger and zip to the train station in a jiffy.
Demand a New Dimension in Mobility with A-bike.
Design and Features
The A-bike is the world's lightest and smallest folding bicycle. It represents a new dimension in personal mobility. It is so compact and lightweight that you can take it with you everywhere.
World's lightest and smallest
With a weight of only 5.5 kg (12 lbs), the A-bike is not only super light but also super strong thanks to the use of leading edge computer analysis, innovative design and high strength engineering polymers infused with aero grade aluminium to create this unique lightweight folding bicycle.
Truly compact
The A-bike rapidly folds down into half its actual size into a compact 660mm x 300mm X 150mm compact package, (volume of 0.03 cubic metres), taking up minimal storage space. When unfolded, the A-bike measures 890mm long, 940mm high and 420mm wide.
Quick fold and unfold within ten seconds only*
Utilising quick release clamps, the A-bike can be easily transformed from its folded position into an unfolded in a blink of an eye within ten seconds. Returning your A-bike into its stylish carry bag is just as easy, follow the simple movements to fold it into a portable package. Take it with you everywhere on the train, plane, boat or car.
Suits all riders
The A-bike is human oriented and the multiple position saddle can be easily adjusted for all riders, tall or small.
A-bike acts like a normal bicycle
Contrary to popular beliefs, A-bike can reach normal speeds without having to pedal faster than on a normal large wheel bicycle.
*For near by destination countries, please inquire for eligibility.